we design and develop solutions since 2005

The past 20 years have been extremely rewarding for our company. The vast experience and unique skills accumulated over these years resulted in an after-sales partnership with Dacia, the main car manufacturer in Romania.

In 2005, we started collaborating with Dacia and provided vehicle security solutions. Driven by passion, never flinching from hard work, we expanded our capabilities to the ADAS high-tech solutions for all models of the Romanian car manufacturer.

One of the ingredients responsible for the success of the strategic partnership with Dacia has been the special attention to the problems technicians may have when installing these accessories. As installation time is a pivotal KPI for any automotive manufacturer, we focused on offering solutions that improve manufacturer resources involved in the process.

Today, thanks to our creative engineering team and high-tech experience, we expand our ADAS solutions for all Dacia models to include optical front and rear parking systems or Wi-Fi integrated dashcam.