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Falcon Electronics, your partner for after-sales electronic accessories.

Our company

With more than 20 years of experience in designing, testing, and implementing car security solutions, Falcon Electronics has increased its solutions range with advanced driving assistance systems and on-board computer connectivity solutions for vehicles, while adhering to strict OEM demands. Our general vision includes successfully meeting current automotive industry requirements, quickly integrating emerging technologies, and strategically expanding the in-house R&D Department by making an impactful and continuous investment.

The growing success over the past 10 years includes significant technological developments.



Falcon's story has its origin in the early '90s after successfully installing car alarm systems on selected batch of Coca Cola Company’s fleet. During the following years, in the context of a dynamic market, the company had a spectacular growth. The key to success was keeping up with new technologies, creating our in-house R&D Department, and providing products and services at high-quality standards.


The CAN-BUS interfaces were already available in solutions range.


In response to high demand, Falcon was offering parking sensor systems designed according the OEM specs.


The connectivity trend in the automotive industry led us to develop the connected device and app solutions early in 2010. The immediate consequence was the full development of the Bluetooth solutions.


Falcon's solutions range expanded to include optical solutions as a carefully conducted research of the ADAS technology trend.


Designed and developed the latest wi-fi integrated dashcam for Dacia models.


In the upcoming months, we will deliver accessories such as 180° front view camera, security systems, rear and front parking sensors, and the integrated dashcam for the new Duster Dacia model. Additionaly, early in 2018 we will deliver the 180° front view camera for Captur, Clio, Master and Trafic Renault models.