Press Release

[May, 2017]

Dan Cutui, the entrepreneur leading Falcon Electronics, a company specialized in car electronic systems including alarms audio and video systems, is currently developing a video camera for the front of the automobile, after finishing the development of a surveillance system for Dacia models.

“After developing and delivering the rear mounted camera, our company is currently developing a new accessory for Renault group: a front-mounted video camera featuring a 180 degree effective angle. Additionally, we designed a DVR (a video recording system – n.r.) with built-in Wi-Fi for Dacia models, and available in January 2017” – said Dan Cutui.

The front-mounted video camera will show narrow spaces in low visibility conditions such as access to street or narrow parking places. Such systems are standard in premium and luxury segment, and optional on cars with a wider front such as BMW 7 Series.

As for the video surveillance system, it allows recording of trip-related events, finding event positions using the built-in GPS, and even sharing the video clips on social networks. The video surveillance system connects to “Renault Dashcam” application, developed by Falcon for Android and iOS. The application is in charge of programming the device, tracing the route on the map, and transferring the video recording.

The expansion of the development sector occurred while surveillance systems market for the auto industry saw a decline for the past years as customers either put off the decision to purchase a system, or opted for manufacturer installed systems. That was the turning point for Dan Cutui, CEO and Founder of Falcon Electronics, the biggest player in automotive after-market segment in local market. At that point, Cutui decided to expand the Research & Development Department. Currently, Falcon is a major provider for Renault.

Falcon’s Marketing Department initiate the original accessories projects. Next, the technical department at the plant develops the project, starting with putting together a technical specification document, and agreed providers work on the project. Later, solutions reach the Engineering department of the plant where solutions are approved. The commercial department receives the solutions and decides the right price. Falcon works with a software engineering team, while the entire production is done in China.

With regard financial trajectory, Falcon had E6.4 million revenue in 2016, compared to E5.7 million in 2015. “Our objective for 2016 is to reach a revenue level for 2017 close to E7 million.” With regard to auto surveillance systems, Falcon CEO indicated that in May 2017 sales rose approximately 7% compared to May last year, and for this year the rose is estimated around 10%. Furthermore, sales of auto-related electronics remain at the same level as 2016. The most sold are surveillance systems, audio systems, parking sensors, and radar detectors.



[May, 2015]

The Romanian company Falcon Electronics has begun delivering the first original alarm systems, that will fit the Espace and Kadjar Renault models. The alarm systems have been designed, developed and tested by Falcon Electronics, according to French Renault's engineering center (Technocenter), announced Falcon Electronics. Thus, the largest importer and distributor of auto electronics accessories in the country has been among the world's automotive suppliers.

Falcon Electronics is a Dacia supplier on the segment of the aftermarket parking sensors for ten years. Beginning as a nationwide partnership, the collaboration between Falcon Electronics and Dacia has expanded, today Falcon covering 80% of the parking sensors needed for Dacia models at European level.

"At the core of these projects is a team of professionals in the field, organized in the Falcon Research and Development Department. The department started its aftermarket business with the design of security systems and customized software development for digital interfaces, that ensure the compatibility of security systems with most European car models. The provision of parking sensors and later alarm systems represented the normal transition to the position of OEM systems manufacturer - equipment delivered directly to vehicle manufacturers", Falcon Electronics said in a press release.

The components are manufactured in China.

"We’re biding for security systems also for other Renault models. We are moving on a very competitive market, competing with the big names of the industry in France and Italy, "said Dan Cutui, director and founder of Falcon Electronics, in a press release.

For the future, Falcon Electronics aims to exploit asset management technologies by creating safety systems that monitor the state of the vehicle and provide information through satellite communications. The information provided will cover a large spectrum, from locating the vehicle to feeding video images of the car (ADAS).
The development of this new business segment will increase Falcon Electronics's turnover, which last year was about 4.4 million euros. In 2015, the company predicts an increase of over 10%, which will lead to turnover of 5 million euros, the company estimates.